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Yoga classes in english

Proceeding from a scientific approach which combines ancient eastern knowledge with western dynamism, Ananda Marga Yoga – a set of practices that include meditation, yoga postures and much more – consists of gradual methods leading to an holistic enhancement of our own self, within anyone’s reach, even those who have high stress levels and little flexibility. These practices are highly effective and aim at achieving lasting happiness and inner peace, increasing physical, mental and emotional balance while fostering one’s personal development. The benefits occur only after a few weeks of pratice, after which one feels a release from tension and weariness, improved concentration and memory, greater calmness, will power and self-confidence.

If you live and work in Madeira or are merely spending some time on the island and do not understand Portuguese, you can enjoy the benefits of our Yoga classes in Funchal with instructions given exclusively in English! These classes are open to anyone interested in Yoga, regardless of having or not any previous experience. Classes last 1 hour and include:

  • warm up and streching exercises
  • ásanas (Yoga physical postures)
  • relaxation
  • meditation

Optionally, you can also participate in a longer collective meditation session that follows the class, where we also use music and mantra.

Yoga practices like ásanas (physical yoga postures) and meditation have many benefits for our body and mind. Many scientific studies confirm such gains. For example, this study found that brief (just 4 days) mindfulness meditation training significantly improved visuo-spatial processing, working memory, and executive functioning.

Please share this page with your English speaking contacts in Madeira island (by email or through the several social networks using the buttons below) and help us give them an opportunity for their participation in our yoga classes with instructions given exclusively in English!

Schedule, location and registration

Our Yoga classes in english in Funchal are held on Wednesdays at 7.30 PM at our center at the following address: Villa Acácia, Rua das Cruzes.

NOTE: General group/drop-in yoga classes given in english are, for now, suspended, but you can join in our drop-in yoga classes given in Portuguese and some instructions will be given in English. There is also the option to schedule personal/private yoga classes (to one person or small groups) given in English in a schedule that suits everyone. Classes can be given at our center or at your hotel or other accommodation.

You can contact +351962906146 (Whatsapp available) or send us an email if you wish to have any more information or to register for the classes.

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